About Us

Welcome to my restaurant! I wish to share with you the flavors and aromas I grew up with back in my homeland, and enjoy today in my own home. The recipes used in our kitchen run the spectrum of traditional Peruvian dishes, passed down through the generations as well as nouveau cuisine, reflecting the influences of the Paciļ¬c Rim and European cultures upon the Peruvian culinary experience. I have paid careful attention to assure your meal is as healthful as it is delicious, using only the finest ingredients, and sparing amounts of light healthy olive and canola.

I was born into a large family, so someone was always preparing something to eat. The kitchen was a gathering place, where I could always count on finding something scrumptious to peak my appetite as well as good conversation, and love. Since my family is large, we are always celebrating a birthday or other special family event. As is the custom in my country, these are all day events punctuated with laughter, dancing, music and endless tables of food. Often we gather the day after, feasting on the leftovers, and catching up on family news.

As you may guess, food is a big part of Peruvian life. I would like to take this opportunity, and invite you to experience the simplejoys of good food, good drink, and good company. I sincerely hope your dining experience today will be looked back upon with fond memories.

Thank you for being my guests.